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Okapi news stories and news archives reflect only part of Okapi International’s work for the success of its mission. You can also follow Okapi and its founder, Gisele Mwepu, via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

To contact or obtain interviews with Gisele Mwepu, regional and national executives or any other official spokesperson of Okapi, please send an email to:

Regarding further use and publication of older news relating to Okapi Finance International

Okapi Finance International only accepts journalistic responsibility for the material produced by or commissioned by the organisation. Okapi Finance International takes no journalistic responsibility for the material published here under News and News archive, which is produced by independent parties.

Published news material is free to read, process and refer to in a journalistic context. However, Okapi Finance International accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the editorial material produced by parties outside Okapi Finance International's organisation. The disclaimer is also aimed at publication, citation or copying of the material in the News as well as copying text to the extent that it violates journalistic copyright or is a breach of professional due diligence.

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