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Okapi founder

Okapi’s founder and CEO, Gisele Mwepu

Okapi Finance International was founded by Gisele Mwepu, a Swedish serial entrepreneur. She has a masters degree in computer science and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering. Gisele was born in Congo where 70 million (99%) of the population are unbanked. She has the passion and commitment to use her skills to make life a little easier for people and to alleviate poverty. The belief that financial inclusion alleviates poverty motivates her.

“Gisele is a truly sales-oriented entrepreneur.
She possesses an impressive drive to find ways forward and create value.
She is customer focused and finds opportunities and solutions where others see problems or limitations.
Her open, friendly yet fearless, multicultural way of being, enables her to easily establish reliable and authentic business relations with potential customers, colleagues and business partners.
She is a very positive, generous and inquisitive leader who creates a constructive and productive working environment for anyone around.
A truly inspiring person!”

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