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Logo and graphic guidelines
Logo and graphic guidelines

For business partners and others who wish to publish material relating to Okapi Finance International, including producers of marketing materials in print or digital form:
Identification: Okapi Finance International AB, the organisation’s name, brand and logo are protected by national and international copyright protection laws. Unauthorised use of the company name, brand and logo will be contested. To download high-resolution logotype, graphic elements and graphic guidelines contact:

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  • Easy to use
  • Easy to register
Okapi Easy to use
Collect your salary, pension and payments.
Pay all your bills and fees in under three minutes.
Send money (money transfer) to anyone you want. It can all be done right from your home, on Okapi app or web
Okapi user types
Regular customer
All transaction services executed at Okapi Authorized Agent.
premium customer
All Okapi services can be accesed via your smartphone, tablet or computer plus at Okapi Authorized Agent.
Visa user
All holder of a VISA card can send money to any VISA card local and international.