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Okapi always gives back

Okapi always gives back
The Okapi charity is intended to create better lives for children and young people in need.

Ever since the Okapi idea was born, Okapi Finance International, and its founder, Gisele Mwepu, have had the vision that Okapi will give back to the communities in the countries where it operates. Gisele Mwepu, who has a strong, burning passion for charity, therefore stated that a certain percentage of Okapi’s turnover in each country has to be invested in orphanages to support children in need so that they are able to study.
Okapi Finance’s founder is convinced that the best way to fight poverty is to provide education. For this purpose, the Okapi Educational Fund (OKEF) will be established in each country where Okapi Finance launches its services.
The OKEF is a CSR project connected to OKAPI Finance’s local activities.
The OKEF will support local organisations which are already established and are already involved in similar activities.

Okapi gives a pad.
Okapi will support the campaign for free distribution of "Washable Sanitary Pads" to young girls in Kenya and Somalia...

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You can participate in Okapi’s support work

The need for support for vulnerable children and young people has no limits, either in scope or geography. Okapi wants to do its part to create a better future for children and young people in need. We call this activity "Okapi always gives back."
You can also support the projects included in Okapi’s charity work. The Okapi website will list the current projects supported by Okapi and you can directly contact the recipients and support them too.
Do you have any projects that you think would be suitable for "Okapi always gives back", do not hesitate to submit information to: . The selection of projects to be supported by Okapi is done by the local management in each country under supervision of the parent company.