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Easy to bank on

Okapi brings the bank close to you!

Okapi simplifies your life whether you are an employee, retired person, entrepreneur or student. As an Okapi premium customer, you get a personal Okapi account, an account that only you have access to. You can always use the money in your account by means of the Okapi app on your smartphone or by using our services on a computer. If you do not have access to your smartphone or computer, you can always perform all Okapi services at one of Okapi’s thousands of authorised agents.

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Okapi Easy to use
Collect your salary, pension and payments.
Pay all your bills and fees in under three minutes.
Send money (money transfer) to anyone you want. It can all be done right from your home, on Okapi app or web
Okapi user types
Regular customer
All transaction services executed at Okapi Authorized Agent.
premium customer
All Okapi services can be accesed via your smartphone, tablet or computer plus at Okapi Authorized Agent.
Visa user
All holder of a VISA card can send money to any VISA card local and international.